When you start using a hosting platform that you have not worked with beforehand, or if you have never had a web hosting account whatsoever in the past, the new account management console (called web hosting Control Panel) is going to take a little time to get familiar with. Even though the essentials are more or less identical, every Control Panel has its own characteristic features and completing particular procedures may differ with different Control Panels – for example, creating a brand-new database and adding a user to it. Besides testing how to accomplish certain things, you can also read help articles, or, what's even better, you can watch how-to video clips and see first-hand what you should do and where you should click. They will save you plenty of time and will render administering your account easier because of the fact that you won’t have to examine different options to find the one that you actually need.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Web Hosting

In case you order a cloud web hosting service from our company, you will be supplied with access to an immense number of tutorial video clips, which we have made with the intention to make our Hepsia Control Panel a lot easier to use. As you browse its sections, you will be able to get to know how to use the various functions that you will discover there merely by following the video link, which will invariably be located on the right-hand side. You can then pick a video tutorial based on what you’d like to accomplish and, provided that you access the video clips through a particular Control Panel section, you will always see only applicable tutorials. In case you simply would like to learn more about Hepsia and its functions, you can access the whole video repository using the shortcut at the bottom of the page and see first-hand all the functions that we have implemented into the Control Panel.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which is available with our semi-dedicated hosting services is very user-friendly, but to make it even more easier to work with, we have prepared tens of video lessons, which will demonstrate to you how you can accomplish practically everything. Setting up a new email box, selecting another PHP version for your web hosting account, forwarding a site using an .htaccess file or exporting a database are just a couple of instances of the topics that the tutorials cover. Anytime you go to a certain section of the Control Panel, you’ll see all relevant videos for it. If you desire to browse all the videos, you can access them through the link at the bottom of Hepsia’s main page and once you are there, you’ll be able to see not only demonstrations of different features and functions, but also informational video clips that will introduce you to topics like “What are error and access logs?” or “What is CPU load?”.