RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a type of computer data storage, that enables the info to be read randomly without accessing the preceding bytes before that. That makes the RAM significantly faster than other types of storage devices such as DVDs or HDDs in which all the info ought to be read so that you can access specific information. When you have a shared hosting account, the amount of memory your web apps can use cannot be fixed and may commonly rely upon the free memory which is available on the physical hosting server. Using a standalone web server, however, there's always a minimum amount of physical memory that shall be readily available at all times and won't be allotted to other customers even if it is not in use. That is valid with our virtual and dedicated servers.

Guaranteed RAM in VPS Hosting

If you obtain a virtual private server from us, you will have a guaranteed amount of RAM at your disposal all the time. We set up the VPS accounts on powerful hardware nodes with lots of physical memory, so once a new virtual server is created, the RAM is allocated entirely to it as per the specific features of the particular package deal. We never re-allocate RAM from a VPS that doesn't use all of its system resources to one which needs more resources, so you will be able to use the functions of your package deal at their full potential at any time. We set up only several VPS accounts on a physical server and we make certain that it provides a sufficient amount of memory to allow all the clients on it to upgrade the RAM which their servers are using without affecting the other accounts.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you acquire one of our dedicated server solutions, you'll get a top-notch machine with sufficient RAM to run even a number of resource-demanding web apps with no effect on the overall performance of any of them. Because we test each and every hardware component before we use it when we assemble a hosting server, we'll make perfectly sure that the RAM sticks aren't malfunctioning and that the hosting server runs flawlessly. The physical memory you will get shall be available all of the time, so even in times where you employ just a part of it for any given period of time, we will never change the configuration. You shall be able to check the hardware, including the amount of RAM which you have, in the billing CP.