Speed up your web site by using a USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Server.

If you realize that your cloud hosting account is not really a decent solution for your own site, but a dedicated server is too expensive and too difficult to handle, then you’ll be able to make use of our US semi–dedicated servers.

A Linux semi-dedicated service is really a special blend between a cloud web hosting account and a dedicated hosting service providing the the best of both worlds. It provides the strength of a dedicated server (without the common server management responsibilities), wrapped in an easy–to–use Web Site Control Panel , which is provided with all cloud hosting plans by default.

And because of their uniqueness, our semi–dedicated servers can be found only within our US data center. It was actually the initial data center at which we were in a position to set up our tailor–made cloud hosting platform and it also provides unequalled power and cooling options. We also have created a custom internal network using enterprise–level Juniper routers and switches. This is the way we are able to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime with all our USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Servers

One of the key advantages of our USA semi–dedicated servers is definitely the Blue Ribbon Hosting Web Site Control Panel. It is included free of cost with all our semi–dedicated servers and has been meant to run in the cloud. By doing this, we free your server from being required to power the Control Panel and also your web sites all together. You can utilize the whole server power exclusively for your websites. In addition, the Web Site Control Panel is loaded with free tools and bonuses intended to optimize your web presence.

Other US Hosting Services

In our US data center we also provide a number of web hosting solutions in addition to the semi–dedicated servers. If you have to host a personal web site and want a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, then you can look at our USA Based Cloud Web Hosting. In addition, they provide you with unlimited disk space, monthly traffic and MySQL database storage space allocations. If you need to set up a working environment for your upcoming project or require something even more powerful than just a cloud hosting account for your site then our USA Based Linux Virtual Private Servers are the most suitable option. They have ultra fast SSD storage and feature lots of cost–free site setup tools. When you demand a hosting service that will enable real–time video streaming and conversion, then you certainly can’t go wrong with the USA Based Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers that are the best service for any CPU requiring website or web application. They offer a selection of Control Panel tools and are protected by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7 technical support service.